My First Stitch Fix: What I Submitted and What I Received

Monday, July 6, 2015

I heard about Stitch Fix from my friend's mom who thought it was something I would like/could do/ company I could eventually intern with. I thought the idea was great but I was weary and I watched a ton of Youtube videos of people's fixes. I was curious how this would work for someone on a budget and someone as particular as I am. So I signed up, filled out my profile, and ordered one box. Then I had to wait. In my waiting, I watched more videos and read some blog posts but I wondered what all of these woman had submitted in their profile to receive the items they did. Therefore, I intend for this blog post to be a rather extensive showing of what I put in my profile, what I received based on my profile, and my review of the items.

What Stitch Fix Is and My Style Profile
If you don't know, Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription service where a stylist picks out 5 items that they think you will like based on social media sites you link and your style profile you create for them. You tell them your sizes, measurements, what you like to flaunt, the types of clothing you want in your box, and how much you want to spend. You get sent the 5 items and you send back what you don't want. The styling fee is $20 but if you buy something from the fix the $20 can go toward that item. If you buy all 5 you get a 25% discount.

 I wanted to see how this would work for any lady on a budget so I chose the category "the cheaper the better" for how much I wanted to spend. In addition, they also give you pictures of different styles and you say whether you love it, like it, don't really like it, and hate it. Lastly, you can fill out a section that you can type in any additional comments. You are limited on the character count, but you can also write a note to your stylist on what you are looking for in a particular box. So here is some of my style profile just so you can get an idea.

In the additional comments box I said, "I don't wear tank tops or shorts with an inseam of less than 3 inches. I sweat a lot even if I'm not outside in the heat, so any top needs to do it's best to conceal sweat. Please no denim shorts. I love Chriselle Lim's style. Longer skirts are preferable." 
I also added which outfits I really loved out of the sets above. In the note to the stylist I just said I wanted more bohemian pieces for summer, and gave examples of what I might like and not like. Lastly, I gave the link to my Spring/Summer Pinterest board to kind of give her an idea of my style.

My Fix
So my fix came in the mail actually 3 days early, but if I was going to give it a grade I would give a C-. I definitely can see the effort put in by my stylist to go through my Pinterest board that I linked and pick out things she thought I would like, but I can be very particular so not everything was my cup of tea. 

The first things you pull out of your box are the note from your stylist, outfit example cards, the price list, and a bag to ship clothes back in. If you want your opening of your box to be a mini Christmas in July don't open the envelope till the end so what you got is more of a surprise. 

The first item I got was this bright red and white patterned shirt. It was the cheapest item in my fix at $44. I definitely think she was on the right track with this one. This pin was on my Pinterest board and I think the styles resemble each other. The only thing I didn't like about this shirt was that I thought is was kind of giving off a more matronly vibe which I didn't love. 

The second item was this navy patterned top with a split back. Definitely pretty and flattering I just wasn't 100% in love with it and I wouldn't pay $48 for it.

Next was this lace bomber jacket, which I hate. There is nothing I like about this for me. She said in her note that she picked it because I pin olive jackets and crochet tops, but the blend of the two is not pin worthy. The fit wasn't particularly good either. It is more of a hoodie than a structured jacket and the arms were a little tight.

Then I received this dress, which she said I had pinned something similar and I think she is talking about this, but I'm not really sure. Regardless it is a tank top, a color that would show sweat, and a short length so it did not follow the things I had asked for in my style profile. 

Lastly, the one truly redeeming and incredibly tempting part of my box were these DL1961 boyfriend jeans. They are $148 which is definitely out of my budget, but they feel like a good quality jean and are incredibly comfortable and flattering. I was really tempted, but in the end I decided against it purely based on cost.

Final Thoughts
Stitch Fix is definitely not for anyone on a limited budget, but it really is perfect if you don't have the time to shop or don't live by good places to shop. I think linking to my Pinterest definitely helped and 4/5 pieces followed my profile well. Each fix you are able to give feedback so your next fix can be better.  I think my next one would be better but for now I am going to hold off on another box at least for my wallet's sake.

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