Paint It Black: DIY Lace-Up Flats

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Not everything goes according to plan. Especially this DIY. But I like to think that just means I worked out most of the kinks and everything should smoothly for you, right? I hope so.

I started off this DIY like every other DIY, with a trip to the store. This time the store was Walmart.  Walmart most certainly has an interesting reputation for the unique people it can attract, but you can't deny that it has some fantastic deals. I bought these flats, which were on the expensive side for Walmart at $16, fabric (about $3), and suede cord (about $3).

My intentions were to use Modge Podge to cover the shoes in black fabric. I only was going to do this because I saw this tutorial on Pinterest. I think it could work but I would do a few things differently if I were to try again. These include choosing a thinner fabric, choosing flats with round toes, and not using as much Modge Podge. After attempting to follow the tutorial the flats were so stiff I was sure to get a blister.

I then attempted to remove the fabric from the shoes which, I must say, was harder than I thought it would be. I guess that attests to the fact that the Modge Podge might have actually held up well had I left it on.  Regardless once the fabric was off I did my best to scrape off as much Modge Podge left on the shoe. The hardships I have endured have allowed for the instructions for you to be very clear and concise. Trust me. Your shoes will be much easier.

You need:
Pair of flats (preferably pointed toe)
Black fabric paint
Paint brush or sponge
Black Ribbon (5/8 inch wide)
Glue (I found it at Walmart)
Black suede cord

How to:
1. Start by painting the entire shoe with black fabric paint.
2. Cut 6 about 2.5 inch strips of the black ribbon (honestly I eyeballed it). Fold each one in half and glue the ends together.
3. Put glue on one side of the ribbon.There are 3 ribbons per shoe, 1 for the middle of each side and 1 for under the toe. Leave enough of the ribbon hanging outside of the shoe to put the suede cord through. Attach all the ribbons and use clothespins (I used tiny ones I got at Walmart) to hold each one in place while it dries. The glue I used suggests waiting 24 hours, so sadly that is what I did.

4. After the 24 hours, loop about 5 ft of suede cord (I just cut what I bought in half). Start by putting the cord through one of the side loops from back to front. Then loop through the top loop from the opposite side to the other side. Then put the cord from front to back through the last loop, Lastly wrap the cord around your ankle multiple times and then tie.

 You now have your own pair of lace-up flats!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments or on my social media pages, I'd be happy to answer them!

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