Oldie but a Goodie: A Jackie Kennedy Inspired Outfit

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break. A term that often suggests temporary migration to warmer climates, i.e. Florida, my family and I did just the opposite. As Floridians, we have already had our fair share of humidity, sunshine, and hot temperatures at this point in the year and we welcomed the cold with open arms... well some of us. My family and I travelled up to Charleston where the rain really didn't let up until the day we left. We were so fortunate. With the rain came a chill that, for those without jackets, was unpleasant, but for those with jackets, was refreshing. The rain also caused pieces in my perfectly planned outfits to be swapped around. Specifically, the outfit I had planned to go with this jacket. I was somewhat tempted to just throw on the pieces once more to at least take the pictures for today's post, but that was not an appealing option after everything had been worn in the rain. So my outfit isn't really an outfit but more of a showcase of this coat.

    About 2 weeks ago I went to this newer vintage shop in my area and found this amazing vintage coat. The store sold mostly furniture with one rack of clothes but on that one rack I struck gold. I was surprised because the coat actually fit me since with vintage I find that most things seem to run small, and it was $50. I'm far from an expert, but after looking up vintage coats on some online vintage shops, I wasn't finding much under $100 so I like to think I got a good deal. Plus when I tried it on in the store the shopkeeper said I looked like Jackie O, so how could I resist? 

These are the shoes I paired with the coat. I apologize for the horrible picture, but I wanted you to be able to see them a little bit better. They are from Walmart and are the Faded Glory brand. They were on clearance for around $10. I think Walmart is a great place to find shoes for low prices because they not only make sizes larger than a 10, but they hold up better than expected. They are especially perfect for a statement shoe or something you know you will only wear a few times.

Well that concludes today's post. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment below!

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