Green with Ivy: Anna's Favorite Thrift Finds

Thursday, March 19, 2015

If you didn't get the chance to meet her on Monday, this is my best friend Anna who is guest posting on the blog this week. Today she is talking about her favorite pieces she has thrifted and throwing in more of her informative and amusing commentary, which starts in the following paragraph about this first picture. Enjoy!

Some people refer to this dress as my "pope outfit" because of its color and the high collar...but I make sure to remind them that this dress is the 1960s at its best. The white linen and puffed then cuffed sleeves bring a fresh, crisp feel to any occasion; it can be dressed up and down.

Found this coat/dress combination at the Goodwill for $5.99! The label confirms this piece is original to our area and was handmade in our town in the 1960's (yes, the 1960s is my favorite era), obvious by its silhouette and brocade fabric: definitely a perfect ensemble for going fancy places.

The butterfly effect combines with a near psychedelic print to create this fun, flowly garb. Originally a floor length maxi dress, my nifty grandma, Oma, hemmed it for me, (Thanks, Oma!), so now I can wear it without getting swallowed into a neon, floral cocoon.

Sometimes shopping and good deeds merge: This I discovered when I bought this dress for $5 at a hospital thrift store (you're welcome sick people). Though its a lightweight fabric, the length of the sleeves and skirt make it ideal for any season, as does the geometric/floral/multicolored print.

Cover your eyes...this orange knit maxi dress can blind with its intense color and fit. Shockingly, I found this dress on a $1 costume rack at a local thrift joint. One girl's costume is another girl's treasure.

All photos taken by Morgan Winston

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