The Boyfriend Jeans of Summer

Thursday, July 9, 2015

An essential part of shopping on a budget is having an open mind, whether that entails sifting through dingy clothes at a thrift store or shopping at stores you don't usually shop at.  I personally rarely shop at Charlotte Russe. The styles they have are usually too short/tight/see-through for my taste, but occasionally I will find something. I definitely was surprised to find these jeans. While I normally don't wear jeans with holes, the boyfriend jean trend has really appealed to me. I tried them on, looked at the price tag, and I was sold. I only spent $4 on them. This outfit is probably the least expensive outfit I have featured on the blog so far. The shirt and clutch were both thrifted for no more than $5 each (I don't quite remember the exact amount), the flats were on sale at Walmart for about $10, and the $4 jeans makes the total, at most, a whopping $24. Now that's my kind of outfit.

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit post! I will be back on Monday for another!

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