In the Long Run: An Athletic Wear Outfit

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I hate dressing for summer. The heat and humidity combine to make an atrocious wave that hits you the second you step out of a perfectly air-conditioned house. I scour Pinterest and Instagram for anything that could serve as inspiration for a stylish summer outfit. One trend I've been drawn to is the athletic wear trend. Aside from some of the sweatshirts, the pieces of clothing are usually lightweight and always comfortable making them perfect for Summer. For today's outfit, I was particularly inspired by this outfit in an article by Refinery 29. I loved the idea of wearing a skirt instead of shorts with tennis shoes. My skirt was on sale at Macy's a while back, my shirt was a recent sale find at Hollister for only $10, and my shoes are from Payless for $30. If you want to see more of this trend, you should check out this awesome Pinterest board I found!

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit and that you all have a fantastic Independence Day! I'll talk to you next week!

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